All our personal trainers are thoroughly vetted, fully qualified and fully insured, and a member of one of the two personal training governing bodies (CIMSPA or REPs).

Michel Glendinning

Thrive Owner, Personal Trainer, Pre + Post-Natal Trainer,
Ski + Running Instructor

A qualified personal trainer since 2008, I’ve always been interested in sports and fitness - representing my county in athletics, running in the London Marathon and working as a ski instructor before training as a PT.


I love helping people of all abilities achieve their fitness goals, and my programmes are designed to help improve overall wellbeing, health and fitness - so you move better and feel better, too. Plus, as a big foodie, I firmly believe you can still enjoy the food you like - with a little help from effective exercising.


My specialisms:

sports-specific fitness including running & skiing, functional strength, core strength & stability, balance & coordination, mobility & flexibility, kettlebells, circuits, plyometrics, HIIT workouts, GP exercise referral, training for older adults, pre & post-natal exercise.

Sarah Milne

Personal Trainer,
Pre + Post-Natal Trainer

A qualified PT since 2011, I have a wealth of sports-related experience including long-distance running, Tae Kwon Do and horse riding, and represented my county in swimming and netball.

I love helping my clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. I focus on cardio (especially running), boxing & martial arts padwork, plus strength training including yoga-inspired bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, suspension training and traditional free weights. I can also advise on nutrition. And as a mum of two, I recognise the value of keeping strong and fit during and after pregnancy, so am qualified to train pre and post-natal women.


My specialisms:

cardio fitness, running, boxing & martial arts padwork, strength training, bodyweight training, kettlebells, suspension training (TRX), free weights, pre & post-natal exercise.

Michael Nelson-Cole

Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer since 2009, and have studied, competed in and taught Kung Fu and other martial arts for many years. I also love plyometric training and am always learning new training skills to help me be the best PT I can be for my clients.

Training with me is always going to be fun and effective, and if you sometimes need that extra push to meet all the goals we set together, I can make that happen. After all, I believe that by keeping fit and obtaining/maintaining good health you can enrich your way of life.


My specialisms:

Plyometrics, boxing & martial arts padwork, bodyweight training, core strength & stability, mobility & flexibility, balance & co-ordination.

Kizzie Payne

Personal Trainer,

Bootcamp Instructor

A qualified PT and fitness instructor since 2016, I believe in fitness for health, wellbeing, strength, mobility, stamina and that all important ‘feel-good factor’ - and am committed to helping my clients achieve this.


I plan my programmes with care, always keeping things fresh and interesting. From outdoor training and kettlebells to high intensity intervals and circuits, my goal is to keep you motivated and focused on your goals. I love motivating people - pushing you that bit further than you thought you could go, and helping you grow in confidence, strength and endurance.

My specialisms:

bodyweight training, kettlebells, free weights, plyometrics, high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, core strength & stability, mobility & flexibility, training for older adults.

Dean Burt

Personal Trainer,
Bootcamp Instructor


I’ve been a qualified personal trainer since 2019, but fitness has always been a part of my life. Now I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping clients not only meet their goals, but surpass them too.

As every client is different, I create training sessions that are tailored to individual needs – helping them improve their technique, gain better results and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. For me, a key part of training is about having a stronger body and a strong mindset, so I guide clients carefully during sessions, helping break down any barriers that might stop them from reaching their full potential – and ensuring that together we exceed their expectations.

My specialisms

Bodyweight training, free weights, interval training/HIIT, core strength, circuit training & gymnastic rings.