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Safe, effective, motivating sessions

We don't believe in silly fads or generic one-size-fits-all workouts. Instead, we invest the time to really get to know you before we start training together. Our  free initial consultation  helps us to learn about you, your goals and your lifestyle - and you about us, too.

Based on our learnings, we'll then create a truly bespoke training programme just for you. Containing a specially selected combination of cardio, resistance, core and flexibility training, we'll take you through it carefully, and explain how to do each exercise and its benefits.

To help keep you motivated, we'll track your achievements and continuously update your programme. We'll also give you complimentary DIY session plans so you can do your programme by yourself at home, in the park or the gym.

 Our aim is simple: 

To help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively, and keep you thriving for life.



We build bespoke fitness programmes around you, your goals and experience. So whether you want to lose weight, tone up or get fit, they'll contain the most effective mix of cardio, resistance, core and flexibility training.


Getting married soon? We've helped lots of brides and grooms get into shape for their big day - and can help you lose weight, tone up and feel incredible. 


Pregnant, want to get in shape before you are or just had your baby? Our fully-certified pre & post natal trainers can help you to exercise safely and appropriately before, during and after your pregnancy.


If you'd like to train with your partner or a few friends, we offer joint and small group sessions for up to 4 people, at a group discount. Contact us to find out more.


We offer fitness training for running, skiing, martial arts and boxing. Plus, our trainers can also create drills for speed, agility, balance and coordination to help improve your performance in any sport.


Whether you're menopausal or peri, our  specialist sessions are designed to regain lost muscle mass, increase bone density, lift mood and improve your quality of life.

About our sessions

We always ensure your sessions with us are effective, safe and motivating - as well as enjoyable and educational, too. So we always:

  • Learn about your fitness goals

  • Create a bespoke programme for you

  • Find exercises that challenge and interest you

  • Demonstrate exercises carefully

  • Explain how exercises benefit you

  • Update your programme continuously

  • Track your achievements

  • Provide constant encouragement

  • Train at a pace that suits you

  • Listen to you and adapt sessions as needed

  • Give you training to do in your own time

Kettlebell training with personal trainer

Find out how we can help you thrive

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